How to tap with and for your children – online course

Using EFT with your kids can support your parenting helping you feel more empowered and confident. The areas you can help them with is vast but some ideas are: help kids get to sleep, calm down from tantrums, release fear or sadness, setting goals with schoolwork, hobbies or chores.

3 online sessions on Tue 27th Feb, 6th Mar & 13th Mar 2018 at 8:15pm-9:45pm

When to use tapping with kids?

  • babies – sleeping, feeding, crying,…
  • toddlers – all of the above plus tantrums, bumps and bruises, socialising (eg learning to share),…
  • primary children – all of the above plus bullying, friend problems, school stress, goal setting,…
  • teens – all of the above plus exam stress, peer pressure, interview skills, romantic breakups,…

What will I learn?

  • how to introduce tapping to your kids
  • age appropriate tapping from baby to teens
  • how to help your kids when they are not interested in tapping
  • bedtime tapping
  • EFT wording for kids
  • tapping on yourself for your kids


A 4.5 hour workshop split into 3 x 1.5 hour sessions. All sessions take place online and recordings will be available to watch again later or in case you miss one.

What mums say about tapping with their kids

“On a train journey at the weekend my smallest (almost 2) scratched my other daughters face (aged 5) there was no retaliation, or complaining to me. Before I could say anything, she very calmly picked up her little sisters hand and started a setup statement. What really surprised me was that the statement consisted of “even though I’ve hurt my sister and might feel a bit bad about it, I’m still a great kid”. So I’m finding EFT isn’t only helping her deal with her own issues but to think about others feelings too. Very proud & absolutely fascinating to watch the effects of this therapy unfolding in many different wonderful ways.” Bronte Maria Rawlingson

“Just had such a wonderful tapping experience with my 15 year old son. He starts his year 10 end of year exams tomorrow. They are a really big deal. He’s worked hard for the last few weeks revising. He confided tonight that he is super stressed and anxious, particularly about Biology. He said he’d like to do some tapping. The intensity of his anxiety 9 out of 10. When we finished, it was at a 0. All his initial fears of failing and not having done enough revision, were dispelled. I then tested him on 15 difficult Biology questions and he nailed it! He said “the tapping has helped me focus and know I can do it”. “Can we tap every night this week please Mum”. So humbling! X”, Catherine Everett
“I watched your EFT video before bed last night with my eldest! I slept nearly straight away. My eldest was a bit judgmental last night but still did it and was surprised this morning that she went to sleep straight away. Thank you sooooo much ”, Kate Kendall

What mums say about the course

“I found the How to Tap with Kids Course to be a great resource for parents who would like to have a tool to work with their children. This helps my children immensely from physical pain to emotional. I tap with my son whenever he doesnt feel well and he responds well. Thank you Tamara!”, Michaela

“Tamara’s How to Tap with Children Online course was truly inspiring – lots of very simple suggestions of how to incorporate tapping into our children’s lives – how to introduce it and rich advice on how to tackle different issues. It left me feeling very confident and inspired. Despite having been tapping with my children for a couple of years I left with many new ideas! Tamara is so skillful at managing online group tapping sessions and her passion is so uplifting – it was a very rewarding, insightful and empowering experience. I highly recommend getting involved, whatever your experience of tapping, this will benefit both you and your children – such endless possibilities for warmth and connection!”, S-J Ebdon

Turbo charge your sense of calm and confidence with parenting with a 1-2-1 session (and save £35)!

Add a 1-2-1 online tapping session with Tamara (1 hour) to release the root causes of your parenting challenges.

Bonus material

A draft copy of the chapter in my new book about how to tap with your kids


  • Receive a personalised tapping audio or video and release any personal blocks being able to enjoy parenting or to having an even more joyful parenting experience created in the 1-2-1 session
  • EFT & Quick Tips for Kids
  • Mum and granddaughter interview about their use of EFT
  • EFT with your kids on goal setting and Law of Attraction
  • Tapping videos on topics
    • EFT on how I feel about my child’s issue
    • EFT for sending your kids positive qualities
    • Tapping for children who are being bullied
    • EFT for new mums
    • EFT with mums for their kids
    • EFT for mums whose kids did badly in their exams
    • EFT for students who procrastinate with their revision
    • EFT staying sane in the summer holidays
    • EFT for mothers & babies with sleep issues


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