I’m a practitioner – now what? Workshop

2 Day Workshop to Attract Clients for EFT Practitioners

The biggest challenge for Practitioners starting out is not just getting clients, but what to charge and how to ask for it, and how to actually make a business out of your new found gifts and

As EFT Practitioners we often want to ‘Fix’ everyone. We’re excited about the quick results EFT can give our clients and how they should ‘try it on anything.’ We’re also excited that our clients
will maintain their transformation because EFT is so easy, they can do it on themselves!

Elizabeth Mary Hancock

That sound’s great for our clients but it’s not great for business and for making you sustainable and profitable enough to be able to do this full time, not just as a hobby and therefore to be able
to serve more people and create a bigger impact in the world.

But it’s actually NOT great for the client either, and you’ll find out why.

This practical, hands-on 2 day workshop will give you everything you need to start running your business with an online presence straight away.

Day 1 – How and Why with Liz Hancock

Day 1 will be run by one of our experienced EFT practitioners, Liz Hancock. She will:

  • Take you through the top mistakes new (and many struggling) practitioners make and what to avoid in order to build your EFT Practice.
  • Blitz any resistance you have to getting out there and telling people about this crazy new technique you use with magical results. You’ll be able to engage with people so they want to know more rather than just thinking you’ve gone crazy! HINT: This is going to also help your friends and family to understand and support you more in your new endeavor!
  • Explain marketing jargon such as Ideal Client, Niche, Core Message and Compelling Story, what do they mean and how can you use them?
  • Share with you how I tripled my rates twice in one day and how I went on to build an awesome business but something that creates GREATER impact in the world than I everwould have done had I continued doing what I was doing when I first qualified.

You’ll leave feeling inspired with complete clarity over what you need to put into practice on Day 2 of this awesome workshop!

Day 2 – Practical Action – with Tamara Donn

Day 2 will be run by Tamara Donn who loves playing with social media for business and was an computer programmer in a “past life”!  The purpose of this workshop is to use the internet to enable you to be seen by the type of clients you want to work with and, to inform them know about the benefits of working with you and  to give them a clear route to staying in touch with you and becoming your client.  In this workshop you will receive simple step by step instructions to create a professional online presence on social media that will attract and engage the people you want to work with. Tamara will ensure your Facebook Page is set up in the best way possible so it acts as a mini website for you and ensure there is a clear ‘Call-To-Action’ so your potential clients take the action required to find out more about working with you.  You will also join the dots to connect your social media to an automated email list collector so you can continue to nurture and engage potential clients. This is a very practical day so bring your laptop so that you can action the steps straight away with support if needed.



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22 January 2018