Frazzled to Fabulous in
5 Minutes a Day

Regain your calm, enjoy your kids & get more done!


The essential book for frazzled mums

Fed up with feeling stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted?
Discover the brilliantly simply way to stay calm, enjoy your kids more and get more done in just 5 minutes a day for 30 days.


Due to be published in 2021

I need this book. Let me know as soon as its published and keep me up to date with its progress!

Tamara Donn

Tamara Donn


I have been a trained EFT practitioner since 2008 and an EFT Trainer since 2012. Since then, I began bringing EFT more and more into my motherhood work until it became my primary focus.  Subsequently, I have added other tools to my basket including Family Constellations, Matrix Reimprinting, Law of Attraction, Meta-Medicine and Enneagram.

My passion and desire is to hold the space for women to transform their lives, support them on their journey and share powerful, inspirational tools to help them reach their dreams.

“I thoroughly recommend Tamara’s daily 5 minute processes. I really did feel so much benefit from doing the EFT every day and Tamara is a guiding light throughout it all. Very uplifting and it only takes around 5 minutes a session, but I noticed that on the very odd day I didn’t do it how much easier I could become frazzled/anxious. It is now something I want to incorporate into my life and I am managing so far. I have previously done Transcendental meditation, but find I get the same positive results from tapping but it takes much less time.”

Julie Thomson

“I have been following Tamara’s daily 5 minute processes and I can’t rave enough about them. All of that stress and chaos that you feel is insurmountable becomes manageable in a very calming way. Her online support group is incredible in bringing frazzled/ stressed mums together for encouragement and connection on a daily basis. It has been life-changing for me in so many ways and I want to share it with all my friends.”
Natalie Bachiri

“As a business-owner, homeschooler, & wife to a husband with limiting disabilities, Tamara’s daily 5 minute processes spoke to my feeling of CONSTANTLY being overwhelmed. Sometimes that overwhelm led to feelings of hopelessness that I’ll never get ahead, and feelings of resentment that I never get a break. I experienced occasional insomnia, fatigue, depression… I was a bit concerned that even this program would feel overwhelming but I KNEW it would be helpful…AND IT WAS. Tamara led tapping on topics including feeling overwhelmed, shifting perspective, focusing on gratitude and other emotions. I even discovered that I had feelings of guilt that I was unaware of, buried below my consciousness! The daily tapping helped me recognise it AND resolve those feelings so I could productively address what caused the feelings of guilt. This program was so beneficial in itself, and it also confirmed to me the value of Tapping. I will absolutely work with Tamara again as I continue to grow & improve myself and my life.”

Jamie Lynn Fisher

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