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I’m Tamara

My early years were spent focusing on academic achievements and professional success within the IT industry.

My wake-up call was in the form of unexpected, intense stomach pains and I began to ask questions about my health and direction in life, leading me to explore alternative health options and lifestyle changes. During that time, I discovered meditation which profoundly affected on my health and well-being, resulting in a shift of priorities. Consequently, I trained as an aromatherapist, specialising in pregnancy.

“Tamara is a wonderful facilitator and her work has the potential to be life changing, if not even life saving. I recommend her most highly.”

~ Sally Baker ~

Therapist, published author and speaker

My Blogs

How EFT Can Help With Menopause

How EFT Can Help With Menopause

'Do you dread the next hot flush? Are you exhausted from feeling tired but wired and not sleeping well? Are you feeling anxious and stressed? Menopause is not a disease. Its a transition or rite of passage from woman or mother to wise woman or crone. In our culture,...

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How EFT Can Help With Cravings

How EFT Can Help With Cravings

Are you unbearable to be around until you’ve had your morning coffee? Do you promise yourself every day that today is the day you are going to quit sugar/ chocolate/ cakes etc only to find yourself finishing yet another packet? Do you reward yourself at the end of the...

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New EFT Trainees Common Confusions

Here are some common confusions we have seen at our EFT trainings explained: Repeating the setup statement on the tapping points. The setup statement "Even though I have this problem I deeply and completely love and accept myself" should be said only while tapping on...

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