Is juggling too much stressing you out?

Release your stress in just a few minutes

What if using a powerful tool called EFT for just a few minutes could change the course of your day?

If you are feeling any of the following, tapping for just a few minutes can release stress, increase calm and give you the clarity you need for your day to improve.

  • Stressed & overwhelmed
  • Exhausted after a bad night’s sleep
  • Impatient with your kids & feeling guilty
  • Never enough time
  • Juggling too many balls

Is this you?

You overslept because you only dropped off in the early hours having spent the rest of the night worrying about how you were going to get it all done today. You rushed your children to get ready for school and lost your temper with one of them because they refused to wear their coat. You had a near miss in traffic on the way to school because the kids were arguing in the back of the car. You arrived at school stressed and irritated and your youngest asked you if you still loved him. You were late for work still carrying the guilt and stress of the morning run.


What if this could be you instead?

You woke up in the night thinking about your To Do list and spent 2 minutes using a powerful stress relief tool which sent you back to sleep. In the morning you woke up early, spent 2 minutes using this tool again which left you feeling refreshed, present and available for your kids. When one of them refused to wear their coat you felt frustrated so you popped to the loo (by yourself!) and spent 2 minutes using this tool again. You then returned to your child feeling calm and centred to deal with the situation in hand. On the way to school your kids started arguing so you spent 2 minutes the stress-relief tool again with your children and soon they were chatting happily again. You arrived at school happy and relaxed, gave your kids and big hug, told them you love them and drove off to work ready for your day ahead.


The videos are very soothing and comforting, almost like a hug every day, a bit of re-assurance (which is exactly what I need at the moment!) “

~ , Eleanor Holton ~

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