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1-2-1 sessions are the quickest and most thorough way of utilising the benefits of EFT

60 day 1-2-1 Programme for Mums to release the roots of mum-stress, guilt, anxiety & overwhelm, use EFT in their parenting & teach it to their kids

  • have a habitual powerful technique at your fingertips to diffuse difficult moments in parenting and life
  • be able to use EFT with or for your children to support them in becoming confident young people
  • have the tools to get back on track when life goes pear-shaped
  • enjoy life more, have more gratitude for what is working well in your life
  • have the tools to accept what can’t be changed and take action on what can
  • feel more at peace with your past

Single Session - try before committing to a package

First session is 90 minutes for new clients. Subsequent ones are 60 minutes
Cost per session £150

Booking a single session is suitable if:

  • Never tried EFT before and want to try it out before committing to a programme. After one session, I would expect to see at least some improvement in your wellbeing
  • Who have done one of my programmes and need a top-up

Block of three

(three sessions) £400

Suitable for single issue or trauma.

For mums I offer these 3 programmes:

Block of 5 sessions


Suitable for a more complex issues

For women: ociated with it, such as fertility where there has been previous birth trauma, including:

Block of 10 sessions


Suitable for complex or ongoing issues where we address the root causes of the problem including.

For mums:


“Just realised that it must be a year since we tapped for an ‘abundance of happy energy” to get me through Lucy’s birthday and cake bake last year. How far I’ve come since then. The best tapping ever, I can’t believe how powerful that was and how it transformed me during a very difficult time. Love to you and your amazing EFT! Xx”, Helen White

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