Joyful Pregnancy and Birth

Release pregnancy fear
Connect with your baby
Prepare for a positive birth


Pregnancy and birth are a very special time in a woman’s life.  They can also be confusing, scary and anxious times. You may move from elation to fear in a matter of seconds and the hormones raging round the woman’s body do not help!

It is common in our society to keep the pregnancy a secret for the first 3 months. This may feel good or it may feel like a burden when you really want to talk about how you are feeling and the changes that are happening to you.

As your body adjusts you may have morning sickness (which can actually last all day) and the first few months are especially difficult as your pregnancy is not showing.

As your pregnancy progresses it is natural to start worrying about the birth, after all this is a massive event for your body.

EFT is a wonderful tool for acknowledging and releasing negative feelings and fears; allowing you to enjoy your pregnancy. It is also especially useful for dealing with those waves of panic you may feel when contemplating the birth itself.

If you are pregnancy with your first child, the fear of the unknown can be overwhelming. Similarly; if you had a previous bad experience giving birth you are only too aware of what problems can occur. It does not have to be a traumatic experience! I am passionate about helping women feel prepared and relaxed about giving birth. There are techniques you can use to help the whole experience be positive and tools to help you deal with any unexpected situations.

You may be very clear on the type of birth you want and it can be very difficult to manage the disappointment if your plans are changed by circumstance. Those negative feelings and your upset may not always be understood by those around you. Using EFT can help you release those feelings, feel at peace with your birth experience and rebalance your emotions.

Here is a video of 2 mums share how EFT helped them release fear of having a still born baby and release feelings about an upsetting birth.


Joyful Pregnancy Programme

* Release unexpected feelings about becoming pregnant (eg shock/ unexpected/ expected but feeling mixed etc)
* Release pressure of keeping it a secret and fears of miscarriage (first 3 months and beyond)
* Address feelings about your changing body and create positive body love
* Encourage mother and baby connection and bonding
* Release anxiety and fear about birth and becoming a mother

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Positive Birth Experience Programme

* Release fears about giving birth
* Create a positive birth intention
* Encourage mother and baby bonding
* Release birth trauma from previous birth (if relevant)
* Release birth trauma from your own birth (if relevant)

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Release Birth Trauma Recovery Programme

* Release shock and upsetting feelings about the birth (eg fear, anxiety, guilt, anger, shame etc)
* Release negative beliefs about the birth and being a mother (eg “I’m not good enough”, “I’m a failure”, “I need to stay in control to be safe” etc)
* Recall birth memory without getting upset
* Create new positive beliefs to support your continuing motherhood journey

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“I am genuinely less anxious about the pregnancy now; it was very reassuring for me and it came at a time when I really needed that reassurance.”

~ Katie ~

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