Period Problems

Learn to love your monthly cycles

EFT for Periods Case Study

Three years ago, Kayliegh came to me for EFT because her periods were irregular. She had 2 sessions and I didn’t her from her again until recently when she booked another session. At the start of the session, she told me how her periods had been regular ever since 3 years ago. Now she wanted to work on recent mood swings before her period.

Read Kayliegh’s story here

Period Problems

  • Do you dread your “time of the month”?
  • Do you suffer from PMS, pain or challenging emotions?
  • Are you trying to conceive and hate every time you have your period?
  • Would you like to feel in tune with your body and be able to embrace your moon time?

On average we women have 500 periods in the course of our lives.  We bleed for about 2500 days or nearly 7 years!  Women who have a negative relationship with their cycles, may be writing off up to 7 years of their lives – that’s a lot.  We are obviously designed to have periods but our hectic lives in a patriarchal society require us to be the same every day of the month instead of retreating into our Red Tent Retreats to be nourished, looked after and rest. Our bodies don’t like being forced to be active every day of the month.  Our beings don’t take kindly to pushing down raw and real emotions so that we can put on a brave face and continue to soldier on.

Some women have been given negative messages about their moon time from their mothers, families, friends and our culture so do not realise that their is another way of being with our cycles.

Women who are trying to conceive find it hard to embrace their cycles as it means that have not conceived yet which can bring about grief and sadness.


If you are suffering in any way during your cycle, be it PMT, pain, dread, hating your period because you have not conceived, you can benefit from learning EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)/ Tapping which can help release negative emotions, reduce body discomfort and help create a positive relationship with your cycles. EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)/ Tapping helps to re-frame your beliefs and attitudes towards yourself, your body and your cycles creating a more loving and accepting attitude.

Love Your Cycles! Programme

  • Release mood swings, negative emotions arising before or during periods
  • Release feelings about your periods
  • Learn to use tapping to help cope with pain and discomfort
  • Release any memories and beliefs from the past that are associated with your periods
  • Create a positive relationship with your periods


We will track your cycle over a period of 6 weeks and meet (in person or online) every 8-10 days to release any challenges arising and address any of the above that are relevant.


What is included?

  • Five 1-2-1 hourly sessions online, by phone or in person over a period of 5-7 weeks
  • Personalised tapping audios to follow along to in between sessions
  • Investment £600
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