Birth Art Cafe Testimonials

by | Aug 28, 2016

“The Birth Art Café is a really good idea and good luck with it… Creative activities of these kinds will be of special help to any woman who has had a traumatic birth experience or who is anxious about birth” Sheila Kitzinger  – birth activist and author

“The Birth Art Café is an idea whose time is long overdue.  Taking the time to connect more deeply with our selves which is perhaps best done by art and crafts that any woman can do, can only help us have a better birth, connect more deeply with their babies and be happier and more easeful mothers.  Bravo Tamara for leading the way”  Suzanne Arms – Internationally acclaimed author, photojournalist, visionary and birth activist


“I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for this sacred and noble work!!  In all of my years studying the pre- and perinatal periods, including the socio-cultural and psychological facets of labor & birth… it NEVER occured to me that the experience a woman has facing “the blank canvas” or “lump of clay”… the process she goes through as she (hopefully) engages with her own intuitive impulses and connects with that deep well of creativity… could mirror her experience of facing the process of labor & birth! … It seems like such a simple idea, to do art around the intense psychic material of pregnancy and birth anticipation… and yet DO we encourage, support and facilitate it in our culture??  No!!  So thank you so very very much for your work.” Marcy Axness, Early Development Counsellor specialising in Fertility, Adoption, & Early Parenting

“Wow! I have just had the most incredible journey at Birth Art Cafè in the last few days! I can’t recommend it more highly, Tamara is amazing! We wept, we laughed, we created, we learned, we were inspired! Fabulous!” Roz Le Fevre