I am amazed at how quickly you can achieve huge shifts & a change of perspective

by | Mar 5, 2021

Dear Tamara and Peter

Thank you so much for the brilliant EFT training and all your support beyond!

As the training was only half day’s, we had time to process all the information and we did a lot of actual tapping. It was really great working in the different breakout rooms and always having support. I worked a lot on myself in between classes over the 4 weeks and could clear a lot of issues leaving me feeling more peaceful and safer. I think EFT is a very effective method to get to the root of the issues which you need to do to create lasting change. Having worked as a Coach and mindTV visualising practitioner, read some books on EFT and used it on myself, my highlight was learning how to deal with trauma and core issues.

I am amazed at how quickly you can achieve huge shifts and a change of perspective. The energy towards other people close to me has changed for the better and more happy memories of the past have been coming up. I really feel much better than 4 weeks ago.

I am so great full that I could get to know you and am now part of the supporting and loving EFT family you have created.