Thirty years of self-loathing thoughts rewired

by | Jan 20, 2021

“I knew very little about EFT before I started working with Tamara – I had previously been on a group  EFT experience day hosted by Tamara and Peter and found it really positive and interesting. I was keen to learn more and discover what it could do for me so initially signed up for an additional 1-1 session before committing to a 5 session package. I suppose my initial concerns were that it all sounded a bit weird! I also worried about bringing up experiences or feelings from my past which might make me feel too exposed or distressed.

I was really surprised how relaxed I felt and how easy it was to talk openly and honestly. The biggest revelation for me was that I could address lifelong held thoughts, beliefs and negative experiences from my past without having to relive them in great detail. I looked forward to the sessions, it amazed me where my mind took me, it was carved out time just for me and despite addressing some difficult issues I always came away feeling lifted and inspired.

The biggest impact for me has been on the way I think about myself and in turn that has affected how I feel and behave. I have spent over 30 years carrying so much self loathing for myself and my body, it was literally weighing me down and I was stuck in the past. My entire thought process has been rewired; I no longer allow my mind to churn out negative and unhelpful thought patterns. I feel much more positive about who and what I am, I make more time for me and I like myself! Equally important is that I have developed a new life skill to see me through any difficult or uncomfortable situations or experiences in the future.

I highly recommend trying EFT with Tamara. I was amazed at the positive impact it had on my life. Tamara always ensured I was happy and comfortable with the sessions and checked that I felt it was helpful and going in the right direction and I think that’s really important. I think that for me the stand out reason I would recommend Tamara is that she really made me feel relaxed and comfortable and genuinely wanted to make sure I benefited from and got as much out of the sessions as possible.”, Rebecca