New Mums Programme

This is for you if..

  • You lack confidence as a mother
  • You feel confused about the conflicting advice about how to care for your baby
  • You feel anxious or worried about getting it right
  • You feel constantly exhausted
  • You want to give you and your baby the best start possible
  • You want to feel more connected to your baby
  • You had a difficult birth
  • You feel depressed and tearful

How can it help?

  • Release anxiety, fear, worry and other negative feelings
  • Release tiredness (even when there are good and valid reasons for it)
  • Improve quality of sleep (when you can get it)
  • Increase confidence in your ability to care for your baby
  • Create or strengthen your bond with your baby
  • Increase positive feelings so you can (start to) enjoy this special time with your baby

What is included?



  • Three 1-2-1 hourly sessions online, by phone or in person
  • Personalised scripts or audios to follow along to in between sessions
  • Investment £400
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