Does EFT Work?

by | Sep 19, 2013 | EFT | 2 comments

Unhappy-Depressed-WomanRecently I received feedback from one of my ex-subscribers saying that the reason they unsubscribed was that “EFT doesn’t work.  Ever.”!

Although I don’t know anything about this ex-subscriber, the comment sounds reactive so I would suggest for them to tune into the feelings about the fact that EFT doesn’t work.  For example, it could bring up feelings of frustration, anger, powerlessness, blame, “life is against me”…  I would then ask if there is an event early in their life where these feelings were felt strongly.  I would then encourage them to tap on that event.

Receiving this feedback motivated me to write about what you can do when EFT appears not to be working.

In my experience, roughly 80% of my clients notice improvements with EFT quickly and easily.  Another 10% improve with perseverance and for the remaining 10% not much improvement!

So, here are some tips to increase your success with EFT:

Tip 1:  Be specific

EFT works best when you are being specific.  So if, for example, you are tapping on anxiety by saying:

“Even though I have this anxiety, I deeply and completely accept myself”

You may get a result but you are more likely to get greater improvement if you increase specificity by:

1) focussing on a specific event in your life when the emotion, in this case anxiety, was strong, even better if you can remember the first time you felt this way.

“Even though I feel anxious when I think about the time I didn’t know if he was coming home or not,…”

2) focussing on where you feel it in your body including colour, texture, size and any other detail you can imagine or see.

“Even though I have this blue achy, anxiety on the left size of my chest,…”

3) combine both techniques of the above so in the example above by focussing how the anxiety feels when thinking about the time when you didn’t know if he was coming home.

If you are doing EFT with youtube videos, these are general and get good results for some people, some of the time.  If you are not getting anywhere, try and modify the scripts to tailor them more to suit your specific issue.

Tip 2:  Ask yourself this question

If there was a reason why you didn’t want to let this go what would it be?

For example, if I let this go, I let him off the hook so I’m going to keep this problem and keep me being right and him being wrong! So tap on this now:

“Even though I can’t let this go because… I deeply and completely accept myself”


If there was a reason why you wanted to keep this, what would it be?

For example, I need to keep this in order to protect myself from it happening again. So tap on this now:

“Even though I need to keep this in order to protect myself… I deeply and completely…”

Tip 3:  Use the sore spot

The sore spot is a tender area or spot on the upper area of the chest below the shoulder bone and to the right or left of the breastbone.  While saying the setup statement, rub the sore spot instead of tapping the karate chop point.

Tip 4:  Use emphasis

When saying the setup phrase, say it with emphasis – louder, with more meaning and stand up and say it.

Tip 5:  Use the long form of EFT

The original long form of EFT sometimes shifts issues when the short form doesn’t.  The long form is as follows:

1) Setup statement 3 times while tapping on the karate chop point

EFT Thumb point

EFT Thumb point

2) Tap through the points as usual but

  • omit the top of the head point and start with the eyebrow point
  • add in the liver point (directly below the nipple for men or under the breast for women),
  • add in the finger points (on thumb and all fingers apart from ring finger – lowest corner of your nail closest to your body when your hand is facing downwards and palm facing backwards)
  • tap the karate chop point

3) 9 Gamut Process (to connect with different parts of the brain):
While tapping on the gamut point (on the back of the hand the fleshy bit between the bone extending from the ring finger and the bone extending from the little finger):

  • close eyes
  • open eyes
  • look hard down right while your head is facing straight ahead
  • look hard down left while your head is facing straight ahead
  • circle your eyes all the way round in one direction
  • repeat in the opposite direction
  • count to 5
  • hum the first line of a familiar tune (eg happy birthday)
  • count to 5

4) Repeat step 2

Tip 6:  Collar bone breathing

For instructions on this technique watch this video:

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