Do you catastrophize?

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Catastrophizing is to view or imagine a situation as considerably worse than it actually is. I don’t catastrophize much these days but this morning I had a megga experience of it!

I love running and I also love and fear taking part in Parkruns. These are 5k organised runs that take place in local parks all over the UK (and some other countries). I love the feeling of running together and being carried by the other runners. I love the fact that parents run with their babies in buggies, runners run with dogs, old and young and fit and unfit. It feels lovely to be part of a non-competitive running community.

And I have 2 fears – one of coming last (never happened) and one of being ill after a run (has happened – weakness, dehydration, shivering).

Fear of coming last

This stems from the belief that I’m no good as sport – this being confirmed at school and came last in races (apart from the egg and spoon race!) and was last to be picked for the netball teams. By tapping on these memories I can release the feelings that the little me had and start creating and embedding new beliefs such as “I am strong”, “With practice I am getting fitter and better at sport” etc. I can also send the little me the resources she needed to feel good about herself as well as sending the future me running in the next Parkrun “cheetah energy”, “invincible energy”, “ease and effortless energy” etc

Fear of being ill after running

Aldeburgh 10k fun run

Not looking my best but definitely feeling euphoric after my 10k run in Aldeburgh!

The first time this happened was when I ran my one and only 10k run. It was the most amazing experience and I felt euphoric at the end but within an hour or so, I felt so ill with a splitting headache, shaky, shivery, dehydrated and weak. Another time it happened was after a Parkrun when I pushed myself really hard. I would love to do another 10k run this year and need to release this fear in order to do this safely. The belief that was reconfirmed as a result of these experiences is that “I am weak”. So tapping to release the fears and emotions about these memories, as well as exploring earlier memories where the belief could have been created, will help to dissolve this – as well as being sensible about the food and water intake before and after the run! Tapping while focusing on my 10k goal and sending that future me “success, unstoppable, healthy and safe energy” help me to align with my goal on all levels.


So what happened today?

I was meditating before my run and was already feeling a bit anxious and apprehensive as I have not done a Parkrun recently, when I noticed a pain in my leg. Instead of simply observing it, I started attaching meaning to it and catastrophizing! It might be a clot in my leg. Maybe its DVT (not totally sure what that is but it sounds bad!). What if the clot moves to my heart! While I’m running! What if I die! And never see my loved ones again! I need to tap as I’m writing this because although it seems ridiculous to jump to those conclusions, there is a little bit of fear left!

I actually literally don’t know what I would do without tapping! It helps me to notice and observe negative  thoughts and feelings, acknowledge them without pushing them away or giving them more power, identify the root cause of where these thoughts came from and release them at a root cause.

If you are in the habit of catastrophizing (please tell me I’m not alone 😉 !) and would like support with EFT Tapping to release the reasons for it and decrease the likelihood if it reoccuring, then do download a FREE EFT manual, book a workshop or 1-2-1 programme with me.

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