Welcoming triplets with a family constellations blessingway

by | Sep 3, 2019 | Case Studies, Family Constellations, Pregnancy and Birth | 0 comments

When Katie announced, at our recent workshop, that she was pregnant -, and pregnant with triplets, we were delighted for her. She has been training with us to become an EFT practitioner for the past year and had shared her challenges with conceiving. So it wasn’t a hard decision for me to offer her a mini blessingway ceremony (family constellations style).

A blessingway ceremony is a circle of women who come together to share, celebrate and empower a pregnant woman in preparing for motherhood and to welcome her unborn baby(babies). 

To set up the mini blessingway, I started by asking Katie to choose three people at the workshop to represent her three babies. I asked her to place her “babies” in the right positions for her and then to choose a place for her to stand. I then asked the remaining participants to find their place as guardian angels or supporting resources behind Katie. One participant pointed out that nobody was supporting the babies and that she wanted to do that, which I thought was a great idea.

Once all were in place, I invited Katie to say to each of the “babies” in turn:

“I am your mother”
“You are my first/ second/ third born”
“Thank you for choosing me as your mother”
“I love you and will protect you”
“You are safe”
“I can’t wait to meet you”

I then invited the “babies” to let Katie know anything they needed in order to be supported in order to have a healthy gestation period and birth. Then I guided the “babies” to come together and Katie embraced them. The supporting resources who were holding the space, moved in closer to embrace mother and babies. It all happened so organically and I was deeply moved to witness this gentle and loving process.

A few days later, Katie reflected on the blessingway and said this:


“I am genuinely less anxious about the pregnancy now; it was very reassuring for me and it came at a time when I really needed that reassurance.”


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