3 Hacks to Get the Most Out of EFT Tapping

by | Sep 15, 2020 | EFT | 0 comments

Some people give up when they don’t get immediate results. Don’t be one of those! There are so many quick tips that can really make a difference when tapping and here are 3 quick and easy ones to get going right now: 

  1. BE SPECIFIC If you are following one of our tapping videos, they are general because we can’t get inside your head to know exactly what your specific problem is with regards to the problem. For example, if the video is on covid fear there are so many aspects that could be bothering you in this moment eg fear about livelihood,  fear about school closing down again and having to home school, fear about having to go into the office for work etc.  If you are tapping on your own, on anxiety for example, don’t just say “Even though I have this anxiety, I deeply and completely accept myself” etc. Add in where you feel the anxiety in your body, what the sensation is and what you are anxious about. If you don’t know, you can add that in too. So an example is: “even though I don’t know why I’m anxious but it feels like a large tight knot in my stomach, I deeply and completely accept myself”  
  2. LITTLE AND OFTEN Tap every day. Make it a habit. Even one round can make all the difference. It might help to commit to doing it at the same time each day. You could tap first thing in the morning on having a great day or last thing at night to have restful sleep. Or you could tap on something that is bothering you in that moment.  
  3. FIRST AID TAPPING If you notice an upsetting feeling arise in the moment for example, you are in a meeting and your boss talks over you making you feel small and not good enough or you are feeling anxious as you are running late, tap on your finger points under the desk and nobody will notice!

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