Do you suffer from Facebook Scrolling Inadequacy?

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The problem

Do you suffer from Facebook Scrolling Inadequacy?
Do you scroll through your on Facebook or Instagram feed noticing everyone cleverer, more beautiful or more successful than you are? I’m embarrassed to say that this is something that I have come to observe in me as a low-level background heaviness that I had not paid much attention too.

Thoughts, feelings, limiting beliefs

When I finally decided to have a look at this mildly uncomfortable feeling, it became apparent that it wasn’t as insignificant as I had thought. As I tuned into the feeling I because aware of the following thoughts, feelings and beliefs:

  • Anxiety
  • I’m so behind
  • I need to catch up
  • Jealousy
  • It’s not fair
  • Self-pity
  • Comparison
  • Competition
  • They are so much better than me
  • I’ll never get there

Even though all my feelings arose from tuning into Facebook Scrolling Inadequacy, they have nothing to do with the people whose Facebook feeds I am looking at and everything to do with me and my past.


As I tuned into these thoughts and beliefs about Facebook Scrolling Inadequacy, the memory of school sports day popped into my head. I was rubbish at sport (this is a limiting belief I still carry to a certain extent today!) and I always came last (or close to last in races. That is except for once in the egg and spoon race, but that doesn’t count because it’s not a real race (or at least that is what I’ve been telling myself!).

A couple of other memories surfaced as well including the time my class went on a difficult hike and I struggled with keeping up and all the times I was picked last for the netball teams!

Somehow I have fused my own success as a comparison and competition with the “other successful people” I see on Facebook. However, their success has nothing to do with mine and mine has nothing to do with theirs. And there is more than enough success, clients, money or whatever for all of us. Logically it’s easy to see this is true. But all the while I have a negative charge on these memories and any of the limiting beliefs above feel true, I still have some negative feelings when I scroll through Facebook. Not only that, while these limiting beliefs still hold true, I will not be fully aligned with my desires and intentions. So what does one do?

Here is a plan I use to overcome these types of problems:

Steps to emotional freedom

1) Identify the problem – feeling inadequate while scrolling through Facebook

2) Identify the feelings, limiting beliefs and thoughts about this (sometimes a few rounds of EFT Tapping will help to identify them). If you haven’t done EFT before or want to know more about it. go here

3) Ask yourself when have you felt this way before (when looking at the list of feelings, thoughts and limiting beliefs)

4) Make a list of memories that you identify (the earlier in age the better)

5) Tap on each of those memories to release them to zero with no remaining aspects left

6) Test your results by scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram feed. When you see “those successful people” how do you feel? Do you feel calm, light and peaceful? Do you feel happy for them? Do you feel excited that if success is achievable for them, it is possible for you too?

7) Do Ho’oponopono (Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness). Repeat these statements while tapping through the points and focussing on “those successful people”:

I’m sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you
I love you

 If you like the Ho’oponopono process, listen to Karen Drucker‘s beautiful Ho’oponopono Hawaiian Forgiveness Chant. See below.

Need help?

If you are struggling with Facebook scrolling inadequacy and want to release this fully at a root cause level so that you can only feeling joy and gratitude for yourself and for the “other people”, book an EFT package with me today.

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