MRI Scan Trauma Gone

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When my client asked for an urgent session, I slotted her in as soon as I could. Unfortunately, it was only 4 days before her next MRI scan. Her previous one had traumatised her so I felt the pressure to help her within that session as I knew I could not see her again before her appointment.

When I asked her to rate her previous MRI on a scale from 0 to 10, without hesitation, she said 10. Although she was very motivated to work through the trauma so that she could feel calm for the next one, there was also a huge amount of resistance. In fact every tip, trick and tool I know was not making any difference to how she felt at all. 

In a moment of inspiration, I remembered the Collar Bone Breathing Technique (see video below for instructions) which I have not used for ages. We went through the process and then I checked what the intensity was of the trauma. 

One of the techniques I used prior to this was the Tearless Trauma Technique in which I instruct my client to put the trauma far enough away (in her mind) so that while she is sitting with me, she would feel calm.  She had put the trauma in Alaska with an intensity of 10. So after doing the Collar Bone Breathing Technique, I checked what the intensity of the trauma was while it was in Alaska and it was now a zero! We were both quite surprised that is could shift so dramatically. So I gently encouraged her to bring the trauma a little closer. It was still at zero I repeatedly asked my client to bring the trauma a little closer and each time the answer was the same. After repeating this about 6-7 times, the trauma went up to about one or two. We tapped to released that and again it was zero. 

As we moved through the Tearless Trauma Technique, a few times some intensity rose but we were able to easily tap it away. 

One of the issues we worked on was not feeling heard or cared for during the previous MRI when she had experienced severe pain.

By the end of the session, she felt calm, peaceful and light and trusted she would be supported.

I received an email from her soon after the session that said:

“Thanks so much Tamara. The session was amazing! The MRI department called not long after the session and reassured me of their care. They were lovely and reassured me they would give me whatever care I needed on the day “

On the day of the MRI I received this message from her:

“I was pretty zen in the machine tonight! Sending an incredible, hug of thanks to you” 

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