If there was a reason why you haven’t created time to tap, what would it be?

by | Oct 26, 2020 | EFT | 0 comments

If there was a reason why you haven’t created time to tap, what would it be?

Starting a question with “if”, is a great way of accessing information that normally is hard to find. If I asked you why you haven’t created time to tap, your answer would probably be “I don’t know”. But if I ask, “if there was a reason…”, you might be able to find one.

The answer might be:

  • because there is so much else to do
  • I haven’t got the headspace to do it
  • every time I have a moment to myself, my head spins round with all the things I need to do and I can’t think of anything so I end up doing nothing!
  • because it’s not a priority
  • because I’m not sure it would work for me
  • because I feel silly doing it
  • or it still may be “I don’t know”.

Whatever the answer, use that to tap on.


So for example, a tapping round might look like this:

Side of hand: Even though I haven’t been tapping because there is so much else to do, I deeply and completely love and accept myself

Top of head: there is so much to do

Eyebrow: its overwhelming

Side of eye: and I want to find the time

Under eye: but there is always something more important

Under nose: and I feel a bit silly

Chin: especially if my family are around

Collar bone: and when I do have a moment to myself

Under arm: my head spins and I get nothing done


Top of head: So I am open to the possibility

Eyebrow: of being kind to myself

Side of eye: I’ve got a lot on my plate right now

Under eye: so I choose to stop giving myself a hard time

Under nose: I’m noticing my feet on the ground

Chin: I’m noticing my breath

Collar bone: I’m noticing how my body feels

Under arm: And I’m open to the possibility


Top of head: to become more present and centred in this moment

Eyebrow: I’m acknowledging the things I HAVE done today

Side of eye: I am tapping now

Under eye: and its only taking a few minutes

Under nose: and its helping me feel calmer

Chin: more focused

Collar bone: and more energised

Under arm: so maybe I can create another moment some time soon to tap again!


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