The Day my Tinnitus Left Me

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I am delighted to share this incredible testimonial about how Alison’s tinnitus disappeared while tapping during an EFT training we ran.
“Before I suffered with tinnitus, I had heard about it but not really paid much attention. I had heard how it can causes distress and have had clients who have been affected by it. I felt compassion as I do with all my clients and people I know, but little did I know what it is like to have this constant noise present all the time.
What I didn’t realise until I started suffering with it 9 months ago, is just how debilitating it can be. I can remember when it started I thought there was something wrong with my radiator and kept saying to my husband “we have to sort that noise out”, he replied “what noise”,  I said “surely you can hear it, it’s stopping me sleeping”; then the realisation hit me that no one else could hear it. I though it would go on its own accord but during the next few days the humming turned into a high pitch scream which changed from high back to medium and then increased again, then the headaches followed. These headaches I know where caused from the tension of dealing with this noise. My face scrunched up, my stress increased and trying to tune it out consciously only increased the discomfort. This lead to taking pain medication to deal with they symptoms. This initially helped with the headaches but did not take the edge of the tinnitus. 
I engaged with Google, as I think most of us do and found loads of suggestions and the one thing that kept leaping out was the fact that it may never go away and you will have to live with it. I have an amazing EFT practitioner who helped me reduce this to a manageable level which was truly inspiring and confirmed that I know this technique is unique and life changing.
Then I had the most amazing transformational experience that I want to share truly and deeply from my heart. I knew EFT had helped me on so many issues but to deal with physical problems I still was not entirely sure well what can I say! Little did I know how the link between the mind and the body. Due to my previous career and conditioning, there was this belief that medication is the cure! Working within the pharmaceutical industry it’s all about hard proved validated experimental results which I felt personally kept me closed and shut down to what I know know is intuition. 
Following an EFT session examining my core belief system the magic happened! It started on a completely different event not related to my tinnitus at all. An event in my teens leading to childhood, deepening to an event of when I was a baby. Engaging on the sensations in my body moved from my heart area to my jaw and to my ear this was done by using the the EFT protocols. By focussing in on core issues released the tinnitus. I hear you say, like I would have said “no that can’t happen, maybe it’s psychosomatic, it won’t last”. When the tinnitus left I felt confusion, exhilaration and a sense of “I hope this lasts, oh my goodness is this is how it used to feel without the tinnitus”. The emotion and gratitude and confusion was so intense in an enlightening way. As the session finished and the days went on this feeling of peace was intense and has strengthened  my belief which I had 100% before now 150+ % that EFT is completely transformational. 
I can’t tell you in words how this has helped me, I can’t wait to share this therapy and to continue on my journey. It has been truly life changing. When I decided over a year ago to start my emotional journey of recovery, self belief and discovery with my wonderful EFT practitioner it has changed my life.
I deeply appreciate those that have come into my life and held the space for me to be ‘me again’ in a caring , compassionate, safe and inspirational way. This is why I have chosen to train and share the ‘magic’ with others. I am so looking forward to to continue my own personal healing journey and help others which is my passion and my life’s vocation.”

Alison Young

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