Adventures with Covid

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Adventures with Covid

A few weeks ago I had an adventure with covid. So many people have asked me about my experience that I thought I’d share it in this video with links below outlining things I did to support myself.

The first few minutes are about my experience. From 5:15 minutes I talk about how I feel now and from 5:50 is the tapping session on fears of the unknown and anxiety about the symptoms.

Unlike flu, my covid adventure had 3 phases:

  • Mild fever, dehydration, mild headache, weak, not much appetite, tired
  • Random symptoms that changed each day, some times felt better, some times felt worse, nausea, strange weak sensations in my arm muscles, headache, loss of smell (which started coming back in a few days), ferocious appetite, cough
  • Weak, normal appetite, cough, sleeping difficulties, slowly recovered

Normally, in my experience, of being ill, you spend a while getting worse and then you start getting better. The difference here was that in between getting worse and getting better there was a stage of random symptoms that came and went. None of the symptoms throughout the illness were painful apart from one day with a bad headache but it was the stories I told myself about the symptoms that were hard to deal with.

We all have a set of beliefs about being ill in general eg I’m invincible, I’ll get over this, I’ll never get over this, this is going to kill me etc. On top of that, we have 18 months worth of collective fear that has been put upon us from the news, our friends and family, the government etc. With such a situation it’s hard (or at least it was for me) not to buy into the collective fear which stopped me from trusting in my body to handle and ultimately thrive in vibrant health and vitality which I’m now experiencing 😊

Here are some of the interventions I used at various different stages of my covid adventure. I am not medically trained in any way so I encourage you to do your own research!

At the bottom of this article are a list of things I would do to prepare in case you do catch the virus.



My interventions


Michele Kaye, Nutritionist, shares some information about each of the supplements I took:

Vitamin C and zinc

Both reduce the incidence and improve the outcome of infections particularly of lung and intestines. Research has shown that both vitamin C and zinc reduce symptoms and shorten the duration of respiratory tract infections by increasing natural killer cell activities (an important part of our immune system).

Vitamin D – the sunshine vitamin.

Most of us in the UK are not in the sun for long enough, each day or week, with enough of our skin exposed. So it is really important to take this supplement. It generally improves our infection fighting abilities, with low levels of vit D having been linked with frequent infections.

Vitamin K2

Engages in a delicate dance with Vitamin D and can often be taken together in one capsule. You definitely need to take both as Vit D helps you absorb calcium and vitamin K2 directs the calcium to your skeleton instead of it being deposited where you don’t want it eg arteries, joint spaces.


Occurs naturally in brightly coloured vegetables and fruit, particularly high in red onions and capers. When your immune system needs extra support, that’s the time to add this supplement as it stimulates the immune system’s antiviral activity, also decreasing pro-inflammatory cytokines.


Improves the white blood cells’ ability to seek out and destroy germs. Low magnesium can lead to a cytokine storm, during which the body attacks its own cells and tissues instead of fighting off infection. Keeping your magnesium levels optimum is important.

Pine needle tea

From Ancient Purity:

“The natural benefits of Pine Needle Tea or Pine Leaf Tea are attributed to its antibacterial, analgesic, diuretic, energising, antiseptic, and aromatic properties. Pine Needle Tea has high Vitamin C levels promoting its immunity boosting abilities. They contain Suramin which researchers have praised for its medicinal properties, as well as shikimic acid used in antivirals. Pine Needles are gaining interest because of their power against an unexpected modern enemy of health in 2021. Suramin is naturally found in Pine Needles, actually, pine needles are the best natural source of Suramin. One of the benefits of using whole herbs instead of isolated extracts is that a herb is much more complex mix of chemistry that has just the right amount of different substances that work together, resulting in a bigger effect than all the substances individually. Suramin as medication is used to treat African sleeping sickness and river blindness. Pine needles represent a Suramin natural alternative, so no great need to wonder where to get Suramin. Studies on this have just recently started and look promising. Suramin from Pine Needles benefits are believed to be particularly helpful for blood clots, protecting your DNA and RNA, while antioxidants, also found in Pine Needles, help protect your heart, brain, liver, and other organs.”



Throughout my covid adventure I received homeopathy treatment from Dawn Golton to help support my immune system.

Rowena Shoshannah Ronson is a homeopath with 25 years of experience and says: “Homeopathy has a long and successful reputation in treating acute disease, and now is certainly a good time to turn to a homeopath to support you through covid and long covid. Better still is a constitutional treatment to build your immunity with the hope and intention of prevention. Whether you are vaccinated or not, homeopathy has a great deal to offer you and your family in these stressful and difficult times.”


When I was well enough and was no longer contagious I had acupuncture.

Alex Owen, my acupuncturist says: “In clinic, the post-viral effects of Covid-19 are varied, but fatigue appears constantly in all cases I have seen, regardless of the other symptoms. Using the Chinese medicine approach, each patient is treated according to how their pattern of symptoms manifests. Some patients may need the treatment to focus on helping the defensive energy (immune system) to recover, while the next patient may show a deeper level of depletion and require more far-reaching replenishment of their energy. Secondary symptoms such as pain, dizziness, headaches, sleeplessness can also be treated along side the primary fatigue. I have seen very good results from acupuncture in supporting patients recovery from the longer lasting effects of the virus, helping them return to work and normal life in a matter of months.” Alex is based in Hertfordshire.

If you need an acupunturist in Somerset, I recommend Andrea Harris


Lin Serlin did distant healing which helped my nausea. She saiys “I and my husband are both Healer Members with the NFSH (National Federation of Spiritual Healers). Distant healing is really quite magical because the Healer and recipient do not even need to be in the same vicinity and yet amazing healing benefits may be achieved! When I carry out a distant healing session I tune into my healing mode and make a connection with the Higher Vibration – call it Universal Energy, Spirit, etc.
Then using a technique I call creative affirmative visualisation I direct the healing energies to the patient. I do not focus on the problem- I focus on the desired outcome -visualising the patient at ease, in good health , feeling well and uplifted! The process may seem simple but it can be incredibly effective as Tamara and many others will testify! Healing is a complementary therapy and maybe used alongside most other healing modalities.”

Chinese herbs

As I was recovering, I used Chinese herbs under the direction of Martine Nates to help with coughing and remaining feeling of weakness – Chinese Herbalist

EFT Tapping

Being a regular tapping, I tapped by myself and with practitioners to support me. Here are some suggested videos to watch:

Constricted breathing technique video that has helped many covid patients 
Collar bone breathing technique video

To download a free EFT manual, go here.

Self Help

Qi gong

When I was strong enough, I practiced qi gong using these following videos. Here are some of my favourites:

Relaxing Qigong Before Bed

Qigong Immune Boost

Immunity-Boosting Qi Gong

Donna Eden energy routine videos

There are many but this one is specifically for covid.

Alternate nostril breathing

I did this every day for 10-15 minutes with essential oils (see below for details of the essential oils I used).

Patricia Bowerman who is a Health Revolution Activist says: “One benefit of nostril breathing is the production of nitric oxide in the nose which deals with viruses. Also the mucous lining in the nose washes any contaminants entering the nostril down to the stomach where the acid deals with viruses.”

Inhalations with iodine and essential oils

Here are the essential oils I used:

Ravintsara (my favourite)

Rosemary helped my headache

Lavender to help me sleep

Eucalyptus Radiata to clear my nose

Juicing with raw garlic, ginger and turmeric

Fresh air



Abraham Hicks videos


Lots of Neals Yard products including

For my cough, Eucalyptus Pastilles

How to prepare for a covid adventure!

Create a list of local friends, family and neighbours you could potentially ask  to deliver food parcels in such circumstances (and offer to do the same for them!).

Research supplements and remedies you could have to hand in case of being needed.

Research local health practitioners who you trust with experience of treating covid who could support you.

Research home food delivery options. I ordered ready made organic food from Abel and Cole which was a massive help as well as asking friends for food parcels.


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