How to tap with your kids

Everything you need to know to tap with and for your kids ebook


Essential for parents who want to support and empower their kids with a tool for life

Learn the 4 stages of tapping with and for your children

Find out how your upbringing affects your parenting

Learn age appropriate ways of introducing EFT to your kids.


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Tamara Donn

Tamara Donn


I am an EFT Master Trainer for the last 8 years.. My primary focus is supporting frazzled mums regain their calm, enjoy their kids and get more done. I am currently in the process of publishing my book Frazzled to Fabulous in 5 Minutes a Day

“Whilst tucking my son into bed that night he started to get very upset and was crying uncontrollably. It turned out he’d had a  bad day at  camp and had felt very left out.
I didn’t think he would be able to get to sleep so I suggested we tap. He agreed and by the end of the tapping he had stopped crying, was calmer and he slept soundly all night.”

“Tapped with my youngest this morning because she was a bit upset as her big sis wasn’t going into school today – I asked her what she was feeling and she said ‘jealous’ and ‘most times I want to go to school but sometimes I don’t’ so I tapped on that for her. Her jealous feeling went from a 10 to a 3 first round and then down to ‘it’s gone and I can’t feel anything’ and she then said ‘I want to feel excited’ so we tapped on that just one round and she was ‘up and at em’ “

Sophie Michel

“EFT has given my children a security blanket, perhaps the most import tool they will learn to use in their whole life. Seeing your mum really upset would likely make a 6 year old feel upset themselves and not really know what to do. But my daughter picked up a pen, got herself a notebook and asked me what I’m feeling and for a SUD level. She’s so at home with working through her own difficult emotions it’s just simple and natural for her to move on and tackle the emotions of others, using EFT. it gives her such power and it’s remarkable to observe.” 

Bronte Rawlingson

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