EFT Troubleshooting

If you are reading this, I am guessing that you didn’t feel better after doing EFT! Here are some tips to help you out.

In my experience, over 80% of my 1-2-1 clients notice improvements with EFT quickly and easily. Another 10% improve with perseverance and for the remaining 10% not much improvement!

Feeling worse?

If you are feeling worse than when you started, don’t worry! It is most probably because feelings you have repressed are coming to the surface. Just repeat the video once or if necessary again after that and you should feel the emotions reducing. If they don’t, tag me in the facebook group.

Feeling no different?

If nothing has happened at all, repeat this video, replacing “tapping on the side of the hand” at the start of the video with “rubbing the Sore Spot” (any tender area either on either side of your upper chest). If nothing has changed after that, read this for some more ideas: https://tamaradonn.com/2013/09/19/does-eft-work/

Why do I have to say negative statements?

The reason EFT uses negative statements is to help you acknowledge what you are already feeling. With uncomfortable feelings, its sometimes easier to bury them and maybe put on a strong or positive front in order to cope. And that is important in the moment of your daily life.

But, if that is a continual pattern of pushing down hard to accept feelings, they will get stored in ones body and can erupt with bouts of anger, sadness, resentment, depression or even physical symptoms.

Its like pushing unwanted feelings under a carpet. You won’t be able to see them but they will still be there and cause bumps (or even mountains) under there. In order to get rid of the bumps under the carpet, we need to actually look at them and then clean them up. You could try doing this with your eyes closed so that you don’t see them but then it will be a bit hit and miss. Looking at them (saying I’ve got no time etc) can feel uncomfortable but EFT is actually starting to clean them up bit by bit.

If what I am saying in the tapping statements, is actually not true (eg when I say “I’ve got no time” when actually you have ample time then don’t say that and try changing to statements to saying what is actually true in your own situation).

The words I use are quite general and they represent the types of things my clients tell me. They will not be relevant to all of you. Each of you will have your own particular version of stress, overwhelm or whatever reason you are here to change. So when my words are not true change them to match more accurately by what you are feeling.

So if the truth is that you have been working so hard over the years to change negative thought patterns and statements into positive ones, you might try these:

  • Even though I’ve worked so hard over the years to change negative thought patterns into positive ones and it is making a difference and yet still I am experiencing some positive ones, I deeply and completely accept myself
  • Even though I am making progress and I’d love to feel more positive and part of me is still repeating those old hard-to-change negative thoughts, I deeply and completely accept myself and my hard-to-change thoughts
  • Even though I still have some of those old negative thought patterns left, I am open to acknowledging and celebrating how far I have come with changing my thoughts and the positive impact that is creating on my life

If you are still struggling…

If you are still struggling, tag my on the facebook group with your challenges and I’ll respond. The chances are that others may have experienced the same thing and are too shy to ask. And please remember that as this is a large group and a free challenge, I hope you understand that I won’t be able to answer questions on private messages or emails. If you do feel you need extra support, I can do a free recorded 1-2-1 session with you to share online (so that others can also benefit) or if you would prefer a private session, please go here for details