EFT for Birth with Cord Around the Neck

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Cord around the neck blocked my client moving forward in her business. With permission I share her story:

This morning I had a client who felt blocked moving forward in her business. As she shared more details she said that she knew she had been born with her cord around her neck, and that she also had a horror of being trapped. The more she spoke about it, the more the sense of horror at being trapped and not able to move forward increased. It was clearly visible in her body language.

I asked her to guess what age she had been when she felt that for the first time, and she  replied “Two years old”. I wondered if this was an incident that happened at two, or whether the first time was earlier, as she had mentioned her birth. Next, I asked her to say: “I’m one year old and I feel the horror of being trapped” and she felt that to be true. I then asked her to say: “I’m being born and I feel the horror of being trapped” and I could see the intensity of her feeling as she grimaced and tensed up.

I used a technique called Matrix Reimprinting, where I invited her to close her eyes and go back to witness herself being born, and to imagine or get a sense that as she was tapping on her present self she was also tapping on herself as a little baby just being born. Initially the baby was feeling intense terror, which subsided after tapping and was replaced by the thought “I’ve got to get out of here”, so we tapped on that too.

BabyOnce the intensity of that thought subsided as well, I asked my client if there was something she could do to support the baby with the cord around her neck, and she said that the mother’s womb and the baby could relax so that the baby could twizzle around in the birth canal to free the cord. I invited her to imagine that happening.

I then checked in to see what was happening, and the baby’s head was feeling constricted as she crowned, so we tapped on that and then imagined that the contractions were like soft peristaltic waves gently moving her out. Soon enough my client reported that the baby’s head was out, and a few moments later her body slipped out as well.

My client reported that the baby felt cold and exposed and that the light was startling her, and I suggested that she imagine wrapping her in the softest cloth and explaining to the baby that light is a natural part of this world.

Next the cord had to be cut. Since in most modern births the cord is cut straight away, many babies gasp for their first breath before they are ready. Since we were reimprinting a new memory, I invited my client to imagine that the cord was continuing to pulsate, sending her oxytocin – the love hormone  – and rich blood, filling the baby with bliss.
Once the baby was breathing and felt ready, the cord was cut. Continuing this reimprinting, I suggested that the baby was placed on her mother’s naked belly so she could find a breast unaided by crawling towards it. I remembered attending a lecture by Ray Castelino and Mary Jackson many years ago in which they witnessed how allowing a baby to crawl to the breast can aid bonding, establish a breastfeeding relationship and possibly help mother and baby heal from a traumatic birth experience. So I invited that process to happen.

Once the baby found the breast and began feeding, I invited my client to speak for her mother, welcoming her new baby and she said all the words she would have loved to receive as a newborn baby. On asking my client how she herself felt, she said “I’m home, everything feels right, settled and comfortable.” She said the emotion associated with this was trust, and the colour bright yellow.

To complete the process, I invited her to radiate this yellow trusting feeling into her past, present and future, her family, her home, her office, all her current and future clients and out into the universe, and to return to the present when she was ready.

This is the lovely feedback I received from my client:

“This was a powerful and timely session in which Tamara guided me surely and clearly to a new sense of expansiveness, security, trust in myself and empowerment. She really knows her stuff, and I would (and do) recommend her as a competent and loving guide to a better-feeling future.”

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