Success with EFT in Schools

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Why am I so passionate about getting EFT in schools?

Through being a parent, talking to other parents and helping my clients, I have seen the struggles of young people, particularly when it comes to exam stress. I am so grateful we have a family of tappers for which EFT is normal. So if you get stressed, overwhelmed, sad or worried, EFT is there to nip it in the bud in the moment and dig deeper to find the underlying reasons.

Apparently it is becoming the norm for a proportion of students to have panic and anxiety attacks. According to NSPCC Childline, exam stress can lead to:

  • depression and anxiety
  • panic attacks
  • low self-esteem
  • self-harming and suicidal thoughts
  • worsening of pre-existing mental health conditions.

A survey showed that 78% of school leaders and governors surveyed by the said they had noticed an increase stress, anxiety and panic attacks among their pupils.

So when Helen joined our EFT training a couple of years ago I was delighted to hear that the Deputy Head of 6th form for Bushey Meads School, had heard about the benefits of EFT at a Pixl education conference and had sent her to train with us.  The results at school, she has experienced since introducing it have been amazing – nipping panic and anxiety attacks in the bud, success with autistic students and using emergency tapping to help panicky students enter the exam room or complete the exam.

Helen says “EFT has just given me another tool to work with, a protective shield for myself and the student. Counselling is long-term support, but EFT offers instant relief and therefore keeps a student in school, in lessons and in exams.  Vygotsky talked about Scaffolding the students in their education.  EFT offers scaffolding for my counselling experience allowing extra stability, safety and the freedom to explore the dizzy heights of the emotional turmoil.”

Today Helen invited me to her school to see how she works and implements EFT and I was very impressed and excited. From September she is planning to introduce 5 minutes of EFT into all year 7 registration periods. This will enable students to:

  • focus and concentrate better
  • release stress
  • behave better
  • have more compassion for each other
  • embed the habit so that they can easily access the tool during stressful times such as exams, social pressure, anxiety and panic attacks

I would love to see this rolled out into all schools!

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