Camino de Santiago taught me to Slow Down

by | Oct 23, 2019 | Busy Mums, Camino de Santiago, Case Studies | 0 comments

On the first day of walking the Camino de Santiago I sped ahead overtaking everyone I saw. I was in a hurry. I was rushing to get to my destination. Although I stopped to take photos, I hurried on afterward. I wasted no time. My walking poles, attached to my wrists, dragged along the ground, as I continued walking and put my camera away. I was trying to make up for lost time.

As I lay in bed that night reflecting on my day, I realised that I was doing the Camino the way I do life. Rushing. Striving. Always a sense of urgency. This is something I’ve done a lot of tapping on as according to Meta Health this habit is a contributing cause of my enlarged thyroid! But still it seems to be a theme for me.

The next day I decided to slow down. I tried to but it felt unnatural, awkward and not in the flow. I could find the right pace.

As reflected on this, I saw a picnic spot and thought I’d stop for a bit. I was not tired. I had not been going for more than 1 or 2 hours but it was sunny and I wanted to do something different – out of my usual habit.

As soon as I sat down, a lovely Australian woman, Mary, joined me. We chatted and she told me that just before she was due to leave for the Camino she had injured her knee. So she had had to rearrange her plans and walk at most 10km per day and walk very slowly. I offered to do some EFT for her knee and she was open to giving it a go and seemed to enjoy the session.

When we were done, I asked if I could walk with her so that I could slow my pace down. Walking at her pace helped to open my eyes to even more beauty around me. We meandered, looked at churches and slowed down in the pretty Spanish villages.

When our ways parted, I continued in a more mindful and slow pace which shaped the rest of my Camino journey. I will share more reflections on this in future posts…

But just to add that the most wonderful surprise was that as I was standing by the cathedral in Santiago, making an EFT video, Mary appeared, having just arrived at the end of her Camino.

If you would like to learn about how EFT can help you to slow down and become more mindful, then do contact me for details of 1-2-1 sessions and workshops.