2019 Highlights

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Wow – what a year. On a personal level, its been quite a challenging one from a health perspective but I can only give gratitude to my body for letting me know how my limiting beliefs and negative emotions are affecting my physiology.

However, the 2019 highlights made up for it all with top of the list – my Camino de Santiago adventure of transformation! It was so fantastic that we are planning to lead a transformative journey along the Camino next year. Watch this space!

Here are some images of my work highlights. This is the first year we completed Peter Donn’s new metaTapping EFT training – a powerful new course that incorporates the EFT International practitioner qualification but goes a lot further and deeper. We also celebrated our first certified EFT practitioner to complete the metaTapping training. A few more will complete early next year.

2019 Highlights including introducing EFT to police and parents

I ran two EFT and Family Constellation Days – one workshop and one retreat day – both of which were deeply tranformative and healing. This is what Romi Carr, EFT practitioner, said about the day: “I never tire of these wonderful sessions which keep bringing up more and more stuff out of & for us, and by doing so moving us forward to feeling lighter, clearer and freer, every single time. With huge gratitude and love to all.”.

One of our trainees is pregnant with triplets so I was motivated to facilitate an impromptu blessingway for her using a synergy of EFT and family constellations. A few days later she said: “I am genuinely less anxious about the pregnancy now; it was very reassuring for me and it came at a time when I really needed that reassurance.”

It was a huge pleasure to inspire a group of parents of teens who were preparing for their exams. One parent reported:

“The EFT information evening at school was extremely interesting and informative – it’s clearly a powerful yet very accessible technique! Tamara and Peter are passionate about their work and the benefits they’ve been able to bring their clients, and the brief ‘taster’ we were able to participate in was intriguing. I’ve since told friends about this and it’s definitely something I’ll be trying.”

In case you are wondering why I posted a picture of my passport – it was what I needed to get through the very high security at Heathrow airport to get the police department there where I was helping out at an EFT introduction to officers working there. It sounds as if they are very interested to take it further. Watch this space!

We finished the year of workshops with a wonderful bring and share Christmas lunch. It was lovely to catch up with our EFT “family” some of whom we haven’t seen for some time.

What were your 2019 highlights? Do share them in the comments below.