How I Lost Weight Without Trying

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A few years ago, one of my goals was to lose a little bit of weight so that I could return to my pre-pregnancy weight. Although I had achieved that some years earlier through juicing, the weight had slowly crept back. I was clear that I didn’t want to lose weight through deprivation but through changing my mindset. I didn’t actually do anything about it other than tapping and accepting myself just the way I am.

A couple of months ago I started reading Dirty Genes by Dr Ben Lynch. Even before making nutritional changes based on your genes, Dr Lynch makes a few key recommendations that I realised I was not adhering to, even though my diet is very clean. And it was these changes that caused the weight to fall off me without me even being aware. That is until all my trousers started being too loose. It was at that point that I tried on my daughter’s dungarees and was surprised to find they fit!

Here are some of the recommendations that I need to action:

  • Don’t eat if you are not hungry. This may be obvious but I found all sorts of reasons to eat that were not connected to hunger including boredom, eating because someone else is, because its the right time of day, because I might be hungry later, because I can smell food…
  • Other recommendations include eating until you are 80% full and eating a maximum of 3 meals a day. Both of these I am working on…

If you also struggle with any of this, check out these 2 videos;

Here is one I made when I was tempted to eat when I was not hungry:  https://www.facebook.com/447759248627939/videos/867355997005948

And here is another one to release the negative eating patterns: https://www.facebook.com/447759248627939/videos/374471800208032

If you want lose weight, love your body or to release your negative eating patterns, book a 1-2-1 session with me here; https://tamaradonn.com/programmes/book-a-session/

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