Three Tapping Steps to Reduce Your Craving

by | Sep 29, 2020 | EFT, Weight Loss | 0 comments

Today is International Coffee day!

Does coffee rule your life?

Or are you in control of your coffee consumption?

If you can’t live without it and want to have the choice about whether to drink it or not (instead of not being able to function without it) consider tapping to reduce the need.

Step 1) Recognise Your Pattern

Recognise the times of day you need coffee or other cravings. Notice the situations in which you eat or drink it. Become aware of your habits, Keep a record of when you eat or drink it and why.

STEP 2) Find the Feeling

Ask yourself, what would you feel if you didn’t have this coffee or other substance right now? If it’s coffee in the morning, it might be exhaustion. If it might have a calming effect on you when you are stressed. If its chocolate or wine, it might be that special treat at the end of the day that you deserve after all the hard work you have done.

Step 3) Tap

Use this feeling in your tapping round. For example:

“Even though I crave a cup of coffee as soon as I wake up and if I didn’t have it I would be exhausted, irritable and snappy with my children, I accept myself”
“Even though I need coffee to help me get through the mornings, they are so stressful, I acknowledge that this is how my life is right now”
“Even though if I don’t have coffee I will be horrible to be around and lose my patience with my kids and then feel guilty about it, I choose to know that maybe there is another solution to this problem” and so on.

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