Three EFT Tips to wake up feeling great! (Without needing caffeine!)

by | Oct 5, 2020 | EFT, Motherhood, Sleep | 0 comments

Do you sleep well? Or do your thoughts or baby keep you up at night?


The Problem

Do you think about all the things on your to-do list?
Do you worry about not being able to get back to sleep and being tired and grumpy in the morning?
Do you worry about all the things you shouldn’t have said or done?

And then do you oversleep or wake up exhausted and grumpy and need your caffeine or sugar hit before you can function?


The Solution

If you can relate here are 3 tapping tips to start changing that pattern:

1) Tap for at least 5 minutes before you go to sleep. What should I tap on you ask? Tap on releasing the stresses of the day or/ and on having a great night sleep.

2) If you wake up in the night and can’t get back to sleep, tap again. If literal tapping wakes you up too much, use the touch and breath method on your finger points to send you back to sleep. You don’t even have to use any words unless you are very awake or aggravated in some way.

3) Set the alarm at least 5 minutes earlier and tap to release exhaustion or to have a great day. If you can’t tap because your baby or children need you, find a moment as soon after waking to tap. For some mums this isn’t until after drop off which is better than not tapping at all.


How to get started

Choose the tip that seems easiest to implement to start with. Commit to doing it every day for a week. Tweak it as necessary. Once you feel ready, incorporate the next tip that seems possible. Choose any or all of the following to help you keep going:

Put post-its around your home or alarms on your phone to remind you
Ask a friend to be your accountability partner to remind each other
Get your kids/ partner on board and do it with them

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