If you feel overwhelmed, take one tiny action!

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I have been absolutely loving my allotment this summer. It was a haven and escape during lockdown and we spent more time there this year than ever before. And we have enjoyed our veggies like never before.

However, I’ve been getting busier as life has been getting back to normal and I’ve been neglecting my allotment. It is sooooo overgrown and it feels overwhelming which means that all I was doing was picking my veg and ignoring the weeds. And my joy has been decreasing because it looks so bad which makes me feel bad.

At the start of this week, I thought to myself, I wonder if I could spend 5 minutes weeding, just to make a start. And I did. And it wasn’t too bad 🙂

So the next day, I thought I’d just to enough weeding to fill my bucket and then go home. Well, I’ve been doing that all week and slowly some beds are looking better and I’ve discovered an abundance of squashes and marrows that were hidden under the undergrowth.

So the moral of the story is that if you feel overwhlemed, take one tiny action!

And sometimes even that is hard to do… especially if there are lots of overwhelming things all attacking your thoughts all at the same time. And it makes it worse when your kids are messing up everything you are tidying up or making you late for school leaving less time to get organised.

Maybe there is a little voice inside you is saying “what’s the point, I’ve never been organised and even if I try, it will go back to the way it was… so I might as well give up now”. And the situation slowly but surely gets out of hand.

My book Frazzled to Fabulous in 5 Minutes a Day tackles exactly this problem. It supports you in taking tiny bite-size steps to get your life back so that you can feel calm, enjoy your kids and get more done. And at the same time, the EFT Tapping scripts will help you release your limiting beliefs about there not being enough time, that there is no point in trying or whatever your little voice is telling you.

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