Release the stress and noise in your mind with EFT

by | Nov 30, 2020 | Busy Mums, EFT, Motherhood | 0 comments

On my jog this morning I was listening to my audio book as usual (at the moment I am listening to Think Like a Monk) and I passed someone using a very loud hedge trimmer. As I was running passed him, all I could hear was the noise of the trimmer. I strained to hear my audio book but couldn’t hear it at all so much so that I wondered if it had actually stopped playing. Of course it hadn’t and as soon as I passed the sound of the hedge trimmer, I could hear my audio book again. You might be thinking of course. But it got me thinking… What else in my life is so loud that its stopping me seeing/ hearing/ feeling/ thinking something more important?

During the first lockdown everything stopped and suddenly I noticed so much more. The loud noise of life literally went on hold. And the world (at least for me) seemed so much more beautiful. The sky was clear, the birds sang louder, the sun seemed to shine brighter and the colours of nature seemed so much more vivid.

Animal trackers use all their senses in ways that we have forgotten to track their prey. They need to still their mind so that they can tune in to what they can see, hear, smell, touch and probably taste.

When our minds are noisy with stress – too much to do, too little time, overwhelm, rushing around, the world situation, exhaustion etc, we can’t access positive emotions and thoughts easily. When we tap to release our noisy minds, we can access energies of gratitude, joy, peace, trust, fun and laughter to name but a few. Just 5 minutes a day is often enough time to shift your focus from stress to feeling a bit calmer. Doing this on a daily basis builds up a cumulative effect.

For stressed mums who want to regain their calm, enjoy their kids and get more done with EFT, download a free destress video here: https://tamaradonn.com/de-stress-for-moms/

If you want to know more, download a free EFT manual: https://www.eft-courses.org.uk/learn-eft-manual.html